Bus Station Toilet - Horny Guy Pissing! 💦

This happened one evening when I was just about to turn off my camera and go home. This guy suddenly came into the toilet and I managed to film him as he pulled out his nice cock and did a long, noisy piss. He's a handsome guy and I'm sure that his cock would soon pump up to an impressive size if I got chance to get my mouth around it. After he puts his dick away he checks himself in a mirror and has a crafty puff on a cigarette. Nowadays in the UK, it's not possible to smoke indoors anywhere so he's obviously taking advantage of being alone in a locked room. I'll be keeping an eye out for this guy in the future...
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Hunky jock strips naked and hits the showers! 💯

The creep watching the guys hitting the showers is gone... 😂 And he misses a very good one! What a fit fucker. THE body. I'm literally drooling right now! 🤤

He keeps staring at other guys in the locker room! 😈

Here we go again! I've see a lot of guys staring at other guys in the locker room but this one is crazy. Meanwhile guys walk in and out of the showers. What a show huh?! 😂

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Big beefy ginger dripping cum @ the stalls! 💦

Watching this big beefy ginger, with the very last drops of cum dripping from his dick tip I can only think... what a waste of hot creamy juice! 🤤

Caught a naked guy flaunting in the shower room! 🔥

He walks in to the shower room and does everything to catch everyone's attention. He shows his dick and ass, and fondles his dick... Such a teaser... And I find naked guys in flip flops sooo sexy!

Steamy showers for naughty boys! 😈

Locker room showers are full of pervy guys ready for some action! If you like to watch you gotta show... and this guy has it all! Fit hairy body, an amazing ass and butthole ( he fingers ), and a big dick ready to play!

Wanking off while watching porn! 💦

WTF! That's a BIG one! Wanking off like there's no tomorrow and then unloading in the tilet bowl. Very neat! My type.

Bus Station Toilet - Guy Wanks Over Toilet! 💦

I'd been alone in my cubicle for about 30 minutes, waiting for someone to entertain me when this handsome young Asian guy came wandering in. I've a feeling that he'd just got off some long-distance bus, or something like that, as he clearly needs to relieve himself in a number of ways! He quickly takes advantage of being alone in the quiet toilet and pulls out his cock. As I could see that he was about to start wanking I got very excited and really couldn't hold my camera still! He gets hard very quickly and checks out some porn on his mobile to really get him in the mood. He has no idea that I'm filming the whole thing and after some energetic dick rubbing he's soon shooting spunk, which dribbles over his hand into the toilet below. Check out his face afterwards, he looks highly embarrassed about what he's just done in a public place.
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Watch out! You may encounter nude sunbathers! 🏖️😎

Summer is around the corner so get your ass ready because hunting season is starting soon! The beach, warm air, sunny days and... naked bodies!